Circular Tourism

About Us

About Us

With our 10 years of experience in tourism and our 3 million visitors a month with the site we are convinced that tourism is a wonderful vehicle to preserve our natural resources, our architectural treasures because this activity is the primary vehicle of exchanges between populations.

It is therefore essential to raise awareness ensure that their tourist stays become a fulfilling local experience and become ambassadors of the places they visited. Obvious link between professionals and tourists we saw each evolve, change and impact the world. We decided to group all new tourism perspectives (sustainable, ecological, organic, or even responsible solidarity) under the appellation of CIRCULAR TOURISM.

The Circular Tourism is a generic term for an economic concept which falls within the framework of sustainable development and green inspired by economies of use or functionality. Its objective is to produce goods and tourist services while greatly limiting the consumption and waste of non-renewable energy sources. Tourism products are becoming eco-designed and tourists are becoming éco-acting.

On this blog, you will find all advices, tips and information so that Circular Tourism won’t be just a concept but the future shape of world Tourism.